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Yaroslav Askarov was offered to the Canadiens last night

Yesterday’s draft wasn’t the most exciting of the lot from start to finish. After all, apart from the surprises in the top-10, let’s just say it was a long, quiet river of trades.

Seeing none was a shock. After all, even a trade involving only picks didn’t happen.

Of course, that’s not exactly what was most entertaining for fans. After all, just watching teams draft players doesn’t make for a great show.

Last year, the Habs’ two trades for Kirby Dach were entertaining.

All of which is to say that on this June 29, the day of rounds two to seven of the auction, it’s possible to believe that it will be more entertaining and that transactions could take place.

And that’s according to David Poile.

The Predators’ outgoing GM says there were many discussions, but nothing materialized. The result was what we’ve seen for hours, which is… nothing.

It should be different today.

His runner-up, Barry Trotz, was the first to want to move up into the top-5. He submitted offers to a few clubs, including the Canadiens. He really wanted to move up in the draft.

By the way, I wonder how close Yaroslav Askarov came to changing his address… After all, yesterday, his name was linked to the Montreal Canadiens in a package for the #5 pick.

Pierre LeBrun mentioned it again this morning.

We don’t know exactly what the offer was, but we’re talking about an offer that was robust for the Preds. The CH still held out, which shows what they think of David Reinbacher.

Today, there’s still plenty of stock available for those who want to make a move. For example, without necessarily involving first-round picks in 2023 (because that was yesterday and it’s rare for a freshly drafted prospect to be traded), some big names are in play.

I don’t think Connor Hellebuyck’s market is strong enough for him to be traded today, that said.

I’m not sure how much Alex DeBrincat could leave today, as he was mostly linked to draft picks that were used yesterday to select young players.

To be continued in the coming hours.

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– Interesting.

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– The Flyers wanted him.

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