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David Reinbacher praised by a teammate in Switzerland

No, the CH didn’t fill a forward position last night at the draft. Instead, they snapped up young David Reinbacher, a defenseman the club sorely needed.

I’m not going to throw the first stone at the CH – quite the contrary.

Without the possibility of drafting a forward or goaltender at #31 and #37, Reinbacher is the club’s big catch. He’s the one who’ll be the focus of all the analysis going forward.

And he’s the one who’ll be under pressure to make the forwards selected after him, including Matvei Michkov, forget about him.

While that’s a lot of pressure, the fact remains that people who know him well don’t seem to have any trouble believing that he can indeed become the defenseman the CH is hoping for.

In a way, he’s the one who’ll have to compensate for the reinforcement up front.

But he’s capable of taking on a lot. After all, as we can see from a piece written by TVA Sports’ Nicolas Cloutier, the offensive potential is there.

Quebecer Éric Faille, his team-mate in Switzerland, praises him in this regard. He believes the CH has not missed a beat.

He’s the one who piloted our numerical advantage at 18. Against men, in one of the best leagues in Europe.

His offensive potential is there. He’s got flair. – Éric Faille

If there’s one other aspect that often resorts to his candidacy, it’s the fact that his growth as a field hockey player is really good. After all, he was seen as a much lesser player a year ago.

He’s on an upward slope because he takes adversity well. He’s shy and in his place, which can be good in Montreal for not exposing himself too much… but he’s also confident.

More and more, he’s becoming a pro in his approach on the ice, in life and in the gym, for example. Another year in Switzerland (presumably) will help him even more.

And then it’s off to Quebec, I imagine.

In bursts

– Speak of the devil.

– Do you agree?

– Reminder: no second choice for the CH this year…. for now.

– Nice achievement.

– Alex Newhook was loved in Denver.

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