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Carey Price never liked field hockey, says Élizabeth Rancourt
Carey Price has marked an entire generation of Montreal Canadiens fans.

Selected fifth overall in the 2005 draft, he went on to become one of the best goalkeepers in the franchise’s history, donning the Tricolore uniform for 15 seasons.

The CH’s number 31 was, and still is, the idol of many people around the world, showing just how much he has left his mark on field hockey fans’ imaginations.

However, like every player, Price is not necessarily loved and idolized by everyone.

Indeed, some have never liked him more than they should, or have always felt that he didn’t raise his game enough when the moment was really more important.

Some also simply don’t like his very drab and moody personality.

He didn’t help his cause in the eyes of these fans last night, in any case.

Well, among them is TVA Sports host Élizabeth Rancourt, who hosted last night’s draft.

In fact, during her appearance on the Solemn podcast, which wasalso the scene of JiC’s outburst against Michel Villeneuve, Rancourt stated that she’s never really liked Price and finds him highly overrated.

Let’s just say she did pick up the CH’s number 31, which rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

@solemn.podcast The most overrated athlete 👀 do you love him? #hockey #sport #quebec #mtl #canadiens ♬ his original – Solemn

As you can hear, Elizabeth Rancourt really wasn’t shy about speaking her mind.

I don’t think the CH organization must be very happy to hear such comments coming from someone affiliated with the team’s official broadcaster.

His biggest claim is clearly that Carey Price never liked field hockey.

I may not be Price’s biggest fan, but to say such a thing is pretty special, to remain respectful.

A guy who doesn’t like field hockey wouldn’t spend 15 seasons in the best league in the world, playing for the biggest club in history with the greatest media and fan pressure.

Add to that the fact that Price wouldn’t have gone through so many injuries and hardships, and he wouldn’t have continued to play despite his injuries, if he didn’t love the game, and didn’t want to win.

Price has given a lot to Montreal, and we should be grateful for that, even if it hasn’t always been perfect.

I really don’t think Price had his head in the West fishing and hunting during his Hart Trophy-winning season, and during the 2021 series, to give just a few examples.

Towards the end of the clip, we also hear Élizabeth Rancourt assert that she believes Price deserves absolutely nothing, referring of course to potential tributes such as retired jerseys and Hall of Fame awards.

This statement is somewhat less controversial, given that there is still debate on the subject, but still, it’s raw and crude coming from such a public figure attached to the Tricolore.

Does she know things she can’t say?

In short, whether you idolize Carey Price or have never been his biggest fan, I think we can all agree that Élizabeth Rancourt went too far with her comments.

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