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Alex Newhook: one goal in his last 32 games in Colorado

Alex Newhook was beloved in Denver. Had he been a few years older and more advanced in his development, he’d probably still have a place in town.

If he were on his entry-level contract, too, for that matter.

Even if he one day has the potential to score sixty or so points, he hasn’t yet arrived at his destination. But he’ll have the tools to do it under Martin St-Louis in Montreal.

After all, he’ll have what he needs: time.

His former agent Kent Hughes went looking for him to give him playing time of all kinds, but also to give him time to develop properly.

He didn’t have time in Denver. That’s why his only goal in his last 32 games there, playoffs included, caused Joe Sakic and his men to turn to a process of replacing him with an experienced player.

The youngster has always produced well in the past and hasn’t had the playing time, or the right teammates on his line, to become the player he needs to be one day. That should come with the Habs.

And clearly, the last week has to put some pressure on him. But why?

Because picks #31 and #37, whether they’re Quebecers or not, can’t become them in Montreal. Because the CH won’t be drafting in the second round. Because Pierre-Luc Dubois is not a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

Because David Reinbacher is a defenseman. I’m not criticizing the decision, quite the contrary, but the need for attack has not been met.

The Habs have some good elements up front, but they’ll have to find a way to get more of them. That said, I’m confident that Newhook will be able to pick up some of that attack.

And it’s not as if the CH doesn’t have the time, in the next few years, to go out and find others.

In gusto

– Transaction.

– Oh?

– It could be good, a second pick.

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