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No less than five offers on the table for Canadian pick #5

We know that the Canadiens could move down in the draft. If that happens, it will be on the cow floor, provided the first selections of the auction allow it. In other words, if the CH guy is taken, he’ll think about it.

If Matvei Michkov is available, we don’t expect the CH to select him. That’s nothing new.

Even though Marc-Antoine Godin reports that the Habs didn’t get the impression that the young man was interested in leading the conversation with a view to being drafted or not by certain teams.

All of which is to say that we’ll find out this summer whether the Russian will be heading to Montreal or not.

But as we know, it would be more than surprising if the Habs decided to take their #5 pick to get their hands on the Russian, who will surely be available at that time.

Maximizing the value of the pick will therefore be the Habs’ challenge… and that’s why a trade down makes sense, given current market circumstances.

And there’s news on that front.

According to Frank Seravalli, the Habs currently have five offers on the table for their prized draft pick. Five is a big number.

With five offers, the Canadian can keep his pick, but he can also create an overbid. That way, it would be easy to drive up other teams’ prices to, once again, maximize the pick’s value.

The CH could also (if that’s what it wants) choose the offer that would allow it to draft the best possible prospect.

I imagine that the Philadelphia Flyers (pick #7) are among the teams with an offer on the table… and that it’s more tempting to say yes to them than to a club outside the top-10.

Note that the Sharks would like to keep their pick.

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