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Pierre-Luc Dubois has concerns about the Montreal market

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 48 hours about Pierre-Luc Dubois, it’s that the Kings are ahead of the game, but that the Habs shouldn’t be overlooked.

Why not? Because the matter isn’t imminent, but also because we shouldn’t sell the bear’s skin before we’ve killed it.

The Habs are keeping a close eye on what’s going to happen. After all, if things ever go wrong with the Kings and the price becomes more normal, the Habs could step in.

Other clubs, considered long shots by Frank Seravalli, are also somewhere in the picture. These include the Senators, the Red Wings (said to be the favourites for Alex DeBrincat) and… the Blue Jackets. But that’s not going to happen.

The Predators have also already been mentioned.

Even if the Kings are in the running (and other non-Montreal destinations aren’t necessarily realistic right now), it’s still too early to declare victory.

That said, the fact that the Kings are in a position to put the price the Jets want on the table works to their advantage. Because, yes, right now, it’s the Kings who have the big offer on the table.

The CH doesn’t want to give too much for a guy whose price has gone up because of the Kings – and for a guy who could simply sign in 2024 in Montreal if that’s what he really wants.

But the bottom line is that while the interest between Habs management and Pierre-Luc Dubois is real, there are fears on both sides of the coin.

On the CH side, as we learn in this article from The Athletic, signed by a number of journalists (including Arpon Basu), the Habs are reluctant to destroy their salary structure for Dubois.

According to what journalists are hearing, in Los Angeles, signing a contract would be less difficult than in Montreal. And we’re talking about a club that has a better offer on the table than the Jets for a trade.

Let’s not forget that Nick Suzuki ($7.875 million) is the Habs’ highest-paid non-carey Price player. Cole Caufield ($7.85 M) is slightly below the captain.

We know it’ll be hard for the CH to top Suzuki’s amount as the team’s captain and #1 center, but Kent Hughes hasn’t closed the door on it happening. And since Dubois is closer to complete autonomy than Suzuki and Caufield were when they signed…

The fact that he’s hesitant must be cooling off for Dubois and his agent Pat Brisson, who is close to Marc Bergevin and Luc Robitaille.

But it’s interesting to note that the CH isn’t the only one with concerns, since Pierre-Luc Dubois also has reservations about coming to town.

Even if that’s what he wants, it doesn’t stop him from thinking about his business.

The bottom line is that Dubois is a brilliant guy. If fans have concerns about certain aspects of his candidacy, it’s important to know that these are also questions he’s asking himself.

Such as?

How would he handle being the Canadiens’ highest paid Quebecer? Would he be seen, by necessity, as a leader? How would he deal with the inevitable lows that occur over long seasons?

Los Angeles may have its faults, but the lows aren’t the same there… especially for a Quebecer.

It’s understandable, at this point, why the Kings have an ascendancy over the Canandian. It looks like Montreal reality is catching up with everyone a bit.

That said, don’t forget that nothing is certain. A file can change quickly…

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