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Hart: Connor McDavid receives fifth-place vote after 153-point season
Last night was trophy night in the NHL. Most of the important people were there.

One of the big absentees, however, was Patrice Bergeron. The Quebecer, who made history by winning his sixth Selke, missed the ceremony as his wife was about to give birth to the couple’s fourth child.

It’s a good reason, we agree.

The father of a family, who doesn’t know if he’ll be back in the NHL next year, wasn’t the only Quebecer honoured last night in Nashville. In fact, he wasn’t even the only Bruins Quebecer honoured.

Bruins coach Jim Montgomery won the title of Coach of the Year. After a historic (regular) season, his first at the helm of Boston, this is hardly surprising. Remember that voting takes place before the playoffs.

Kristopher Letang succeeds Carey Price for the Bill Masterton and, of course, the title of playoff MVP goes to Jonathan Marchessault. So, Quebecers have been recognized this year.

But the star of the evening was Connor McDavid. The guy won the Ted Lindsay and the Hart, which means his 153-point season was recognized by everyone.

We know he was the best this year. No debate.

That said, you should know that he didn’t win the Hart unanimously. One person didn’t give him a first-place vote, and it wasn’t because he was placed second.

In fact, he received a fifth-place vote.

I don’t know who voted for him that way, but we do know the player who edged out McDavid, freshly engaged, at the top of the ballot. It was David Pastrnak of the Boston Bruins.

So many people think that Jack Edwards, who describes the Bruins and loves them like the apple of his eye, is behind it all.

Whoever it is, not putting McDavid in the number one spot is simply impossible. But to see that four players have been more useful than McDavid this year?

That’s poor judgment.

In bursts

– Speaking of the Bruins’ coach.

– Speaking of McDavid.

– Love it.

– With good reason.

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