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Rumor: Habs show (strong) interest in Matvei Michkov

The risks associated with Matvei Michkov’s candidacy are well known.

Whether it’s his size, his 200-foot game, his contract, his nationality (in wartime) or his attitude, many teams are doing their homework to determine what to do with the young man.

In reality, we think many teams will want to pass. With big teams looking to get impact players into the NHL quickly(thanks to autonomy at 27), maybe some clubs will pass. #Blackhawks #BlueJackets

But if not, maybe we’re all in the field and teams recognize the guy’s (great) talent and don’t intend to let him slide as low as some think.

Several DGs could well set their sights on Michkov fairly quickly, in fact.

Not everyone will. I know Chicago won’t (for obvious reasons…) and I’d be really surprised if the Blue Jackets, whose GM wants to win faster with a big center, didn’t uproot the Russian and bring him to Ohio.

I think the Ducks will consider Michkov, but will go for Adam Fantilli or Leo Carlsson… and Columbus will take the other guy. Will Smith is also an option, though.

The Sharks could take Michkov or leave him for later. And if he’s available at #5, we all have a feeling the CH could pass… but it would seem, according to one NHL scout, that the Habs have a big interest in Michkov.

Of course, there may be some bluffing involved. Right now, there’s a big poker game going on between 32 NHL teams, and everyone’s trying to hide their hand.

And there are plenty of spectators watching this game and trying to influence it.

In my opinion, it’s normal for the Habs to give the impression that they’re very interested in Michkov. The other teams must think there’s a chance of him landing in Quebec, and the CH is doing its homework right now anyway.

It just makes sense.

If they want to know everything there is to know about the player, it’s only natural that they’d be interested. That said, if I had an old $2 to bet on the subject, I’d still say that the player shouldn’t be drafted by Montreal.

Can’t wait for the draft, can we?

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