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Flyers would like to draft Matvei Michkov with CH pick
The wait is almost over. Almost over!

On Wednesday night, all the questions we’ve been asking for weeks will finally be answered. The first round of the draft promises to be exciting… And the biggest story of the draft is definitely Matvei Michkov.

We know the Capitals are interested in him. It also appears that the Habs are very interested in the Russian, as reported by colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois earlier this morning

And we’d like to think that’s true, given that the CH will be meeting with the Russian this week, on the eve of the draft:

We also knew that the Flyers are very strongly considering the idea of drafting him since they hold the #7 selection in the first round.

Now Frank Seravalli has added fuel to the fire, precisely by talking about the Flyers.

The Daily Faceoff tipster told “The DFO Rundown” podcast that Daniel Brière and Philly management seem so interested in the young player that, in his eyes, the organization could try to move up to the 4th or 5th spot to be sure of getting their hands on Michkov.

The plan is simple. Brière could use his #7 and #22 picks to make eye contact with the Sharks and the CH…

A particularly interesting scenario, we must admit.

It’s Kent Hughes who could be happy about this.

After all, if the CH GM doesn’t want to select Michkov with pick #5, he could use the Russian to cause a bidding war between the Flyers and Capitals.

But by dancing with the Flyers and getting the #7 pick, Hughes would still have the chance to draft a player he really likes. If Bedard, Fantilli, Smith, Carlsson and Michkov were already selected, the CH could still choose a Ryan Leonard, a David Reinbacher or a Zach Benson…

Which would probably be the team’s plan anyway at No. 5 if the main idea is not to select Michkov. Add to that the fact that the Habs could also add another quality prospect at No. 22…

Or, Kent Hughes could decide to combine picks #22, #31 and #37 to move up around 15th if he has a target in mind.

At that point, the CH will have to decide whether to select a player at #5 instead of (technically) drafting at #7 and #22. In a draft as talented as this one, I feel the answer is obvious…

But hey. I’m not Kent Hughes and I don’t know what the team’s plans are, ultimately.

In brief

– We’ll be watching closely this afternoon.

– Another QMJHL departure.

– It wouldn’t really be surprising.

– Is it?

– Big deal in the NBA.

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