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Rumor mill: Mark Scheifele fits Bruins’ needs

As you know, Patrice Bergeron’s future in Boston is unclear. The club’s Quebec center won’t be playing anywhere but Boston in 2023-2024, but he may simply retire.

If he does, he’ll have left a huge legacy there.

More and more people are speculating that the center-forward may well hang up his boots, and that David Krejci may do the same. That’s what would make the club look for a good center.

What if Mark Scheifele, who wants to leave the Jets, is the solution? Elliotte Friedman raised the possibility.

Obviously, if Scheifele is looking for a way to be even more hated by CH fans (after what happened during the 2021 series), this would be a great solution for him.

He’d fit right in with the DNA of what the Bruins are trying to create. Stay tuned.

In Washington, we understand that the Capitals are trying to find an identity for next season. Will this involve major transactions?

That remains to be seen.

Names that have often been bandied about? Evgeny Kuznetsov and Quebecer Anthony Mantha. We know that both are in the shop window and that, at the right price, they can leave.

But right now, their chances of staying in D.C. are good.

Right now, demand isn’t very strong and as long as you’re sending guys elsewhere at low prices, maybe it’s better to keep them and hope they increase in value in Washington.

Remember that Mantha is sometimes linked to the Canadiens.

Another name that’s currently popular is Kevin Hayes. The Philadelphia Flyers player, under contract for three more years at $7.1 million, isn’t a bad field hockey player, but…

But his contract is big. Very big.

Of course, a big contract doesn’t mean a player can’t leave. After all, if Ryan Johansen was traded to Colorado, I figure anything can happen in the NHL…

All of which is to say that the Blues’ name is being bandied about.

We know that Daniel Brière’s Flyers want to move. I’m sure the Quebecer would be willing to retain some salary to get rid of Hayes, who would obviously accept a deal in St. Louis.

I don’t know if that’s a bet I’d take, but okay.

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