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Kyle Dubas feels much better in Pittsburgh than in Toronto

Kyle Dubas has left Toronto to join the Penguins. I’m not telling you anything here because, as you know, this has been the big story for teams looking to shuffle their field hockey personnel.

We know that Dubas said he wanted to stay in Toronto, but that he lost his job because Brendan Shanahan wasn’t convinced he wanted to keep his job as GM of the Maple Leafs.

He finally listened to what the Penguins had to say.

I don’t know to what extent it was all arranged with the view guy, but he’s been linked to the Penguins for a long time. Even when he had his job in Toronto, we knew Pittsburgh wanted him.

And finally, he received a golden bridge to take control of the club’s field hockey operations. When he became available, the Penguins’ bosses stopped everything to court him.

Clearly, he feels at home in Pennsylvania. When asked about it, he said he loves Toronto, but feels at home in Pittsurgh. Ouch.

You might think this has everything to do with the fact that he’s just arrived in a new city. To his credit, the Ontarian wanted to mention that he felt very much at home in his new surroundings.

I don’t sense that he wanted to take a shot at Toronto (and there’s no advantage in doing so), but he did say what he said. And it’s clear: he feels better in Pittsburgh than in the Queen City.

Let’s not forget that one of the reasons he took the Penguins job was to move his family now, rather than wait and uproot his children later. Now he’s done.

I guess having a free hand at work also helps you feel at home in a city, doesn’t it?

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