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Pierre-Luc Dubois to reduce team list in coming days

The Pierre-Luc Dubois file continues to be very important for the Habs. After all, the centerfielder wants to play in Montreal, but the decision isn’t entirely in his hands.

Unless the young man waits until 2024 to sign long-term, the CH must go out and sign him long-term. And right now, that’s far from a certainty.

After all, unless things change (for example, the Jets’ asking price is based more on prospects than established players), the Knigs seem to be further ahead in the deal – or at least, they’re in a good position.

For what it’s worth, of course, but that’s the public understanding right now.

The way things are going, you really have to wonder how it’s going to end, but more importantly, when it’s going to end. Summer has only just begun, but the file is dragging on and on.

I know a lot of people are tired of hearing about it.

On today’s podcast, Elliotte Friedman took the time to set the record straight. According to him, the file is still moving forward these days. Why?

Because we can expect to see the Quebecer reduce his list of teams in the next few days.

In fact, the Sportsnet insider believes that two or three teams will be among the “finalists” in the next few days. It’ll be easier to work from there. Are the CH and Kings among the finalists? Is any other club serious?

The Jets would like to have a good idea of how the situation will unfold between now and the draft. And Dubois agrees.

After all, as we know, the Jets player wants to do right by his team. And from a personal point of view, he must be looking forward to moving on too, right?

That doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed to be traded at the draft, but…

In gusto

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