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No, the Canadiens will not give the fifth pick for Pierre-Luc Dubois
Is the Canadiens losing Pierre-Luc Dubois? The more time goes by, the more likely it is.

After all, not only do we wonder how eager the CH is to give him the amount of money he’s asking for, but more importantly, we have to wonder if the Jets like the Habs’ offers.

The simple answer is to say no, the Jets don’t like what the Habs have on the table regarding Dubois. After all, if the answer were yes, the Quebecer would be in Montreal.

According to Marc De Foy, the Habs aren’t offering the Jets enough to convince them to move. Again, not surprising.

If the Jets were satisfied with the offer, Dubois would have left.

All this to say that, right now, it’s hard to say that, yes, Dubois will automatically be a member of the CH next year. There are other teams in the running, including the Kings, which will raise the stakes.

The important thing to remember is that Kent Hughes is thinking long-term. If he doesn’t get a deal with the Jets that will make the club better in the long term, he’s not going to move.

That’s why, according to J-F Chaumont, the Habs won’t (logically) trade their first pick in next week’s draft to go after the Quebecer.

What you have to understand is that giving away youth is not ideal for the CH. If there are young players who can leave, that’s not the case for the biggest talents.

We’re talking about Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Kirby Dach, Juraj Slafkovsky and others. I won’t name them all: you know them.

Slaf’s example is important in demonstrating the importance of choice #5. After all, many people believe that #5 will become better than Slafkovsky in the long run.

And we all agree that the first pick of 2022 is in Montreal to stay.

So if Dubois lands in Montreal, it will be on Hughes’ terms. He’s not going to empty his club to go get the Quebecer, no matter how good he is and no matter how much the Quebecer wants to play here.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I’d like to see him in town, but not at any price.

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