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David Reinbacher is better than Kaiden Guhle at the same age, according to Simon Boisvert

Simon “Le Snake” Boisvert made another intense statement. At this point, most field hockey fans know him. He recently appeared on a special draft edition of the Drette su’l tape podcast with David Beaucage and Charles Pellerin.

This time, he discussed an NHL defense prospect: David Reinbacher.

In his opinion, Reinbacher, at 18, would be better than Kaiden Guhle at the same age.

That’s not such a crazy statement.

Kaiden Guhle amassed 40 points in 64 WHL games in his draft year. This, of course, earned him a 16th-round selection by the Habs.

As for David Reinbacher, he amassed 22 points in 46 games in Switzerland’s top league. That’s a lot fewer points, to be sure, but he’s playing in a professional league with guys older than him. So he certainly has more field hockey experience than Guhle at the same age.

If you compare the league and their point totals, it all comes out pretty similar. However, Reinbacher could be a top-10 draft pick, even if he doesn’t think so.

The Habs need a right-handed defenseman for the long term. Right now, the only right-handed defensemen of the future on the team are Justin Barron and Logan Mailloux. Yes, Jordan Harris and Kaiden Guhle are capable of playing on the right, but they are more effective on their natural side. So adding a right-handed player could help.

But Kent Hughes has said it many times before: he’ll select the best player available, whatever the position. Following this logic, Reinbacher should not be the Canadiens’ choice.

We’re more likely to see Kent Hughes select a forward, but the Habs’ GM has become accustomed to surprises at the draft. We’ll have the answer to our questions on June 28, when the Canadiens announce their pick in Nashville.

In brief

– This guy is a robot.

– NBA action just before the draft.

– Let’s just say he didn’t help himself.

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