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Joel Edmundson linked to the Oilers, Hurricanes and Kraken
As you know, the Canadiens have many defensive players on the left side. Among them is veteran Joel Edmundson, who spent the last three seasons in Montreal.

Clearly, we know we can expect to see him leave to make room for the youngsters. We also know that it could be a long time before we see him move on to another team.

Because he fits into what teams want in a playoff defenseman (he has a ring in 2019, he went to the Finals in 2021 and he’s tough as nails), he could be in demand.

Of course, his back could be a game-changer. But that’s up to Kent Hughes to convince other teams that he can stay healthy and make a big impact in the playoffs.

That’s the big challenge.

We know there were discussions at the deadline, but his state of health is an aspect that has forced teams to play cautiously in the case of the Flannel’s #44.

But whether it happens or not, we suspect teams will be calling.

And according to The fourth Period, three teams should be in the running for his services: the Oilers, the Hurricanes and the Kraken.

These are indeed teams that might want to stay up late next spring. Having Joel on the blue line would give them a chance to play playoff field hockey.

However, the player who will be a free agent in a year’s time can refuse to move if he plays his cards right with his clause preventing him from moving to 10 NHL markets.

We know that the man who earns $3.5 million a season wants to stay, but we don’t know how much.

Obviously, other teams will be in the running. Can Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton create a strong enough bid to trade him soon?

In bursts

– All the better.

– Yes, but having him on the mound for eight years will hurt.

– To be continued.

– Good point.

– To be continued in the Bronx.

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