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Bet-o-game: small odds for Matvei Michkov in Montreal
We know that, if nothing changes, the Habs will be drafting fifth overall in the next auction. Of course, there are rumours that the CH will move up in the draft, and there are also rumours that it will move down.

There are rumours that the club isn’t interested in Matvei Michkov, and there are rumours about just about every big player in the upcoming draft.

All in all, it’s hard to predict who will be the Habs’ first pick in the upcoming draft.

Nevertheless, Mise-o-jeu has drawn up some odds on the question. And as reported by TVA Sports, we can see that David Reinbacher and Matvei Michkov are at the top of the list.

(Credit: Mise-o-jeu)

Both men have a rating of 4.00… but let’s just say I wouldn’t put my money on Michkov, who will be interviewing NHL teams shortly. I really think the CH will pass if he’s available to speak.

Other names with similar odds are Ryan Leonard (4.50) and Will Smith (5.00), who are two teammates with a strong chance of breaking into the top-10 of the draft.

Of course, you wouldn’t expect to see Connor Bedard on the list.

Still, I’m surprised not to see Adam Fantilli, given that the Habs have been linked to the Ducks in trade rumors involving the second overall pick.

In the end, it’s special to see that the first three men on the list aren’t center players. I really get the feeling that Kent Hughes would like to draft a center.

After all, this should be the Canadiens’ last big pick for the future, since the plan in 2024 is to draft a little higher than fifth. Taking a good center would add interesting depth. And a center can more easily play on the wing than the other way around.


All this to say that the Habs will likely draft a player who isn’t likely to make the jump directly to the NHL. Chances are we’ll see the player in Montreal a year from now (unless it’s Michkov), that said.

And that’s where the CH could take an even bigger step forward.

Once the club has liquidated some salaries (via transaction, buyouts next year or via the end of certain agreements) and with the youngsters having gained experience, I think the club will take a good step forward.

I see the club improving in 2023-2024, but I really see it improving the following year.

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