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Bruins: sell Taylor Hall to make room for Pierre-Luc Dubois?
When it comes to Pierre-Luc Dubois, a few teams stand out. Obviously, the first is the Montreal Canadiens, for all the reasons we know.

And Cole Caufield, over the weekend, did nothing to silence the rumours.

But now that we know the main interested party is open to signing a long-term contract somewhere other than Montreal, it gives negotiating power to the Jets’ GM.

And it takes some away from the Habs.

Remember that the Kings are the most talked-about team. The California outfit is clearly willing to give a lot to get their hands on the Jets’ player.

The Rangers and the Wild, to name but a few, are also clubs whose names have been circulating in recent weeks.

But of course, when such a player becomes available, several teams will turn their noses up at him. This is particularly true of the Predators, according to The Fourth Period.

Should this happen, the scenario of him being traded at the draft to the host team could finally see the light of day.

All this to say that there will be teams. And the Boston Bruins, a team listed by Yvon Pedneault (Journal de Montréal) as one of the clubs to keep an eye on, must be added to the list.

Boston doesn’t exactly have a surplus of space under the salary cap, and salary would certainly have to be freed up.

But that’s just as well, because in the same article by Yvon Pedneault, there’s a list of players who could change address. It includes Anthony Beauvillier, Jeff Petry, Mike Hoffman… and Taylor Hall, who is “a mistake” for the Bruins.

I don’t see Hall being traded to Winnipeg for Dubois because the Bruins player can refuse to be traded to a few teams. Winnipeg will surely be on his list.

But the Bruins’ GM can make a move in two stages, can’t he? First, he could try to send Hall elsewhere, and then take Dubois if he so desires.

I don’t know to what extent Dubois is likely to play in Boston, but let’s face it: if the Quebecer were to play (and succeed) in Boston after being so closely linked to the CH, CH fans wouldn’t get over it quickly.

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