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Jake Evans proposed to his girlfriend

Failing to receive a Stanley Cup ring in 2021, Jake Evans decided to give one to his blonde Emily – or fiancée, should I say – in the last few days.

As he himself posted on his Instagram account, he got down on one knee and proposed.

For the 27-year-old, who seems to have been in a relationship for a few years now (when you look at his Instagram photos, at least), it was the next logical step.

Good for him!

He’s the second Habs player in a short space of time to announce such news, since Josh Anderson did the same with his girlfriend in recent weeks.

The Habs players will therefore have several weddings on their list over the next few months.

Jake Evans and his bride-to-be will hopefully begin their newlywed life together in Montreal. After all, Evans still has two years left on his contract at $1.7 million a year in Montreal.

He’ll be a UFA in two years.

I don’t know if Kent Hughes’ plan is to keep Jake Evans with the club long-term, but by the nature of his job, the centerfielder may be called upon to move often.

I imagine his partner is ready for that if need be, but in the short term, the couple seem to be in Montreal to stay.

The Toronto native has worked hard to break into the NHL. He was drafted in the seventh round in 2014 and needed several years in university and with the Laval Rocket to make his mark.

And today, he’s an important player for the Habs.

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