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TVA Sports : JP Bertrand announces the end of La Dose

Every weekday morning for the past few years, JP Bertrand has hosted the podcast La Dose. We’re talking about a sports program in which a few speakers from the world of sports discuss current events.

Powered by TVA Sports, we all agree that the subject of the Canadiens is often on the agenda, but there’s still a very good diversity in the choice of subjects.

That said, I’m talking about it in the present tense, but that won’t be the case much longer.

This morning, the podcast’s host took to social networks to announce that La Dose would definitely be ending on June 30, Friday of next week. It’s a shame, of course.

JP Bertrand made a point of mentioning that it’s not because of a cut that he’ll no longer be at the helm of his show: rather, it’s a personal decision on his part.

He feels he’s come full circle with the project. That’s what prompted him to move on to another challenge, to be announced in a few weeks’ time. It will also be at TVA Sports.

Xavier Julien, who was also a full-time contributor to the podcast, is keeping his job at TVA Sports.

I can’t wait to see if someone takes over the slot in a similar format eventually. Offering this kind of news in podcast format early in the morning is quite rare in the world of French-language sports in Quebec.

We’ll see in due course.

I’m also looking forward to JP Bertrand’s next challenge, to be announced over the summer. The possibilities are endless for someone with a wealth of knowledge in many sports.

In brief

– To watch for.

– Golf fans beware.

– Good point.

– Really?

– With good reason.

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