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Adin Hill could go from hero to zero in Las Vegas

On my street, the garbage truck comes every Tuesday morning. The night before, I get an alarm on my phone to remind me to drag my bins to the curb. But I’m never quite sure which to bring. Garbage or recycling, that’s the question. It’s just that they alternate, but 7 days is long enough for me not to remember what it was like the week before.

So I’m stuck opening the hood and staring into the whites of my detritus’ eyes to see if I’m going to take them for a walk. This week, for those interested, it’s indeed the garbage.

Sometimes, when I’m doing my nauseating zoutage, I see things that were good and useful for my little family not so long ago. A bottle of detergent, a dilapidated saucepan or a bag of Spicy Doritos (the best and only the real ones know!) that I was digging into just a few hours ago.

Apparently, the truck also spends Tuesday mornings, or something like that, in Las Vegas, and they too have to get rid of stuff they found quite useful not so long ago.

Not even sobered by the previous night’s party, Adin Hill, hero of the last series for the Golden Knights, saw his name in a tweet from Daily Faceoff analyst Mike McKenna in response to a simple question: Who will be in goal in Vegas next season?

His answer, while logical, is flat for Hill. He’ll likely be sacrificed by his club, since he could ask for a salary approaching $4 million and the organization isn’t ready to grant him such an amount. Especially since, as you’ve probably guessed, they’re pretty tight on the salary cap.

Basically, it’s Adin Hill or another player on the team and that’s fine, but it’s going to be the other player.

Do you realize that we live in a world where Adin Hill has won more Stanley Cups than Carey Price, Kenrick Lundqvist, Mikka Kiprusoft, Sergei Bobrovsky and Pekka Rinne combined. These are the best goalkeepers in the NHL in recent years, and none of them has lifted the precious trophy. Sometimes they’ve come very close, but they haven’t won it, unlike the illustrious unknown (not anymore, of course) that is Adin Hill.

So when a team wonders whether it should sacrifice talent in other positions to make room for a goalie’s salary, especially with such a spotty career record, it’s not surprising that the answer is so cut and dry.

Of course, I think it’s a shame for the guy that his party will end in a professional divorce, but that’s the harsh reality of life sometimes. If he can’t find solace in a pool of cash like Scrooge, Hill can admire his ring, which makes some of the greats in his profession jealous, and tell himself that at least he’ll always be a Stanley Cup champion.

Oh, and there’s always the possibility that the garbage truck will come to Robin Lehner’s house at the wrong address. You never know!

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