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TSN 1260 in Edmonton: the radio station had closed after the break

Things aren’t always going well in the sports world. After all, we know that cuts have been fashionable in recent years.

We know there’s often news to that effect on television (TVA Sports, in particular), but that’s not all. Recently, Marc-Antoine Godin and 19 of his colleagues lost their jobs at The Athletic.

And now, this morning, it’s the radio world’s turn.

Bell has decided to cut 1300 jobs and close several radio stations. In fact, six stations (including TSN 1260 in Edmonton, the equivalent of TSN 690 in Montreal) have closed up store.

Across the country, many people found out this morning that they no longer had a job. That includes Shawn Simpson and Jason Gregor, for those who know them.

It really came out of the blue this morning.

What’s appalling is that at 9 a.m. local time in Edmonton, the station shut down. The host went on break and in the meantime, the radio station shut down.

It’s such a rat.

This isn’t the first time Bell has done this. In 2021, when radio station 1040 shut down, it was done in exactly the same way, without warning.

A short thank-you note was issued, but nothing more.

So instead of going on break and coming back, there was an automated message that went on air. It thanks people for listening, but announces that the situation was inevitable.

Bell Cause? Sounds more like Bell Coupe.

One has to wonder what this means for TSN 690, but also for a station like BPM Sports. With so many cuts to sports, one wonders if it will go that far.

Cogego’s back is stronger, but who knows if sports will take up less space one day.

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