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JiC is under the impression that Kent Hughes will trade for a Montreal-based defenseman

The Tricolore is on everyone’s lips when it comes to Pierre-Luc Dubois. While the Quebec player’s desire is to play in Montreal, his future is still uncertain as the Kings are also said to be interested in his services.

In the meantime, host Jean-Charles Lajoie was on the “Solemn” podcast to talk about his experience as a sports broadcaster.

Naturally, the hosts took the opportunity to ask him about the CH’s upcoming personnel moves, and asked him to reveal some of them.

Without wishing to talk about scoops, Lajoie talked about his impressions of a potential CH acquisition (at 1:16).

In his opinion, it’s an established defenseman, not a forward, who could join the Tricolore via trade. It’s just an impression, but it’s an interesting point of view. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Dubois being traded to the CH, but doesn’t see him as the next target.

There are two questions to ask. The first: does the Tricolore need an established defenseman right now? For me, the answer is no. The prospect base is there, and the CH has Joel Edmundson and David Savard to help out the young backs.

The second question: which defenseman could be available via trade and fit the team’s needs? No names have been floated, so it’s hard to say.

JiC also mentioned that sometimes, in order not to burn sources, he doesn’t reveal the times he receives and that the majority of the time, he pushes people to think and indirectly aligns them with what he’s learned.

In bursts

– Interesting.

– Nice welcome from the CH.

– Great story.

– Whew.

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