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“If Patrick Roy were an English speaker, he would have returned to the NHL sooner.”
I was quite surprised to hear Patrick Roy say openly that he has not been approached by any National League team for a head coaching position.

Most of the hires were made while his club was at the Memorial Cup, of course. But clubs could still have called him to see if there was any interest, which he says never happened.

Last week, the former CH player said in an interview that he’s aware of the extent to which his departure from Colorado still haunts his chances of returning to the NHL. It’s true that this doesn’t necessarily help the cause…

But Mikaël Lalancette believes it goes even further than that. He told BPM Sports what he thinks of the situation:

If Patrick Roy were an English speaker, he would have returned to the NHL sooner. – Mikaël Lalancette

It’s funny, but…

Mikaël Lalancette isn’t the only one in the world who thinks so. Bob Hartley’s comments are very similar to the journalist’s, with Bob saying that it’s boring to see Roy get sulked because there’s so much politics in the NHL.

I guess I hadn’t even thought of that until today… And it does make sense. After all, Roy deserves the chance to mend fences, and what he was able to accomplish with his Remparts goes too far under the radar.

And, we already know the relationship between Anglophones and Francophones in the NHL and in life in general. It’s sad, but it’s nothing new.

Right now, the most “plausible” option is to see Patrick Roy land a job with the Ottawa Senators with the arrival of Michael Andlauer, the team’s new owner.

Stéphane Laberge (a former statistician with TVA Sports) commented on the matter on Twitter with a confidential comment. According to one of his sources, it seems that Roy “will find himself very soon in the Ottawa Senators organization”.

Like everyone else, I hope the scenario becomes a reality. Even more so because we’re talking about the Ottawa Senators.

After all, there’s already a certain rivalry between the Ottawa club and the Montreal club… Adding a guy like Patrick Roy to the Sens helm would only spice up the show, hehe.

Again, I mentioned this in one of my texts yesterday, but it all depends on Michael Andlauer’s next decisions, as he may decide to clean house and start afresh.

In brief

– Sick.

– Logical.

– Do they really have a chance?

– Field hockey players are different.

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