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Athletic therapists dismissed: CH players surprised

Over the past few seasons, the Tricolore’s infirmary has been bursting at the seams. As the months went by, the injuries piled up.

Many fans were demanding changes from senior management, and that’s exactly what happened yesterday with the dismissals of Graham Rynbend and Donald Balmforth.

Rynbend had almost 20 years behind the tie. Nick Suzuki, Kaiden Guhle and Samuel Montembault were at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard on the sidelines of the F1 festivities to comment on the news.

One thing is certain, all three were surprised by the news, because in their eyes, the two men did a good job under the circumstances.

Suzuki paid tribute to the dedication of Rynbend who, he said, was often the first to arrive and one of the last to leave. He knew that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton wanted to make corrections, but was surprised by the news.

For his part, Kaiden Guhle made it clear that Rynbend and Balmforth could not be blamed before wishing them good luck.

“There’s a question of bad luck. We can’t blame them for that. Injuries are part of our sport.” – Kaiden Guhle

The same was true of Montembault, who liked the plan of action Rynbend put in place when he injured his wrist in 2021-2022. Both were aware of the tear, but with the help of the therapist, the CH goalkeeper was able to finish the season.

All three are preparing for another season, but it will feel different without the two men, who had been there for a very long time.

Can we really blame them for the numerous injuries? I highly doubt it, but heads had to roll, and unfortunately, they were the ones who had to pay the price.

In bursts

– Quite incredible.

– They add up to a fine line-up.

– He seems to be having fun.

So far, so good.

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