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Denver Nuggets celebrations: gunfire injures a dozen people
Last night, the Denver Nuggets won their very first title in franchise history. Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are now, forever, NBA champions.

After the Avalanche a year ago, now the Nuggets have won too. It’s a good thing they’re here, because the Broncos and Rockies don’t look like they’ll be taking it all home any time soon.

In Denver, this must be cause for celebration. After all, when a club wins, fans naturally want to gather together to celebrate the triumph.

Montreal fans aren’t used to that… but hey.

All that to say, that’s what Denver fans did last night. Around the Nuggets (and Avalanche) arena, thousands of fans celebrated together.

On paper, all is well.

But since Americans have easier access to firearms than we do here, things got ugly. Shots were fired into the crowd, injuring nine people and one suspect.

Three are in critical condition.

It all happened more than three hours after the Nuggets’ win. In other words, it was the middle of the night in Denver. That’s all we know for now, but nothing more.

This has thrown a cold shower on the party.

It’s a shame this subject is still on the agenda. After all, whether it’s someone who’s decided to act alone or whether it’s the result of a battle, pulling a gun in a crowd is dangerous.

Expect yesterday’s events to change nothing, unfortunately.

In bursts

– Nice little return on investment.

– I agree.

– With good reason.

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