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Patrick Roy says he has had no contact with NHL clubs
This morning, Patrick Roy and Jacques Tanguay officially announced their departure from Quebec City. At the time of writing, the Remparts no longer have a president, GM or coach.

The two men gave a “perfect” assessment of their year, but above all talked about the process that led to their departure.

For Jacques Tanguay, it was the fact that it was time to pass the torch to others, to younger people. And in Roy’s case, winning changed the fact that he chose not to stay on as GM.

No wonder.

But let’s face it: what people were really interested in was what’s next for Patrick Roy. Does the man who will be leaving to play golf in Europe in the next few days (with Jacques Tanguay) have a taste for the NHL?

In reality, yes, Roy will always want to coach. As he says, when you’re a coach, you always feel you can help a field hockey team.

But is a return to the NHL imminent?

Questioned on the subject, Roy said he had had no contact with any NHL team regarding a coaching position in the NHL. And he didn’t sound bitter.

The former Canadiens and Avalanche goaltender has not, in his words, been contacted by the Blue Jackets. Remember that there have been rumours with Columbus in recent weeks.

One wonders whether the Senators will contact him.

In the press conference, Roy also said he was aware that being the Avalanche’s VP (as well as coach) may not, in hindsight, have been the best of ideas.

The man who knows that leaving Colorado hurts him nevertheless praised the quality of NHL coaches and the people who aspire to have one of his 32 positions in the future.

He’s right… but he’s a good coach too.

So he’s up against nothing at the moment, and that doesn’t seem to be a problem for him. Maybe one day, the right offer will fall on his table, who knows?

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