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Canadiens must hope Connor Hellebuyck is traded to the Kings

Pierre-Luc Dubois is often linked to the many NHL trade rumors. That said, you know as well as I do that he’s not the only player looking to leave the Jets organization.

Of the lot? Connor Hellebuyck.

The goalie, who is one year away from seeing his $6.166 million contract expire, doesn’t want to stay with his club. Look for him to be traded this off-season.

Frank Seravalli, based on openings in front of the net and at salary level, mentioned a few clubs that could be in the running. And of all the clubs mentioned, I think Kent Hughes has to hope the Kings can pick up the goalie.

Why is that? First, it’s worth mentioning that many of the clubs mentioned are in the East. Not having a goalie in New Jersey, Ottawa, Toronto, Carolina or Pittsburgh isn’t a bad idea.

These are all clubs that have room for a goalie like him.

But even if the goalie were to leave for the West, it’s more likely that a club like Los Angeles than one like Vegas would acquire his services.

Why would that be? Because Pierre-Luc Dubois is tied to the Kings.

We all agree that if the goalie heads to L.A. this summer, his salary will go the other way. The California club could easily absorb Dubois’ contract for another year.

But between you and me, we know that if L.A. empties part of its club or its bank of prospects (the Jets want established pieces, but…), it’s in the hope that the goalie will put down roots in California.

And that could help the Canadiens.

After all, Pierre-Luc Dubois is sometimes mentioned in Kings rumours. I don’t know to what extent there are discussions, but he’s clearly a big opponent for the CH in this matter.

Marc Bergevin must be pushing to get him under the right conditions, I imagine. And with good reason.

Obviously, there’s a world out there where the Kings can contract Dubois and Hellebuyck long-term. The end of Anze Kopitar’s contract in a year’s time would give the club a boost.

It remains to be seen whether he’ll return to Los Angeles after that, but it’s still early days.

But let’s face it: if the Kings go after the goaltender, that takes away the chance of going after the Quebec forward. That’s why I say that sending Hellebuyck to L.A. can’t hurt the CH. And since the Kings need a goalie more than a center…

That said, if I know and you know… maybe the Jets know. Maybe they do.

One thing’s for sure, though: the club’s stars may want to leave, but the Jets’ GM still has the power to control much of the NHL’s off-season, doesn’t he?

In bursts

– That’s how the NHL works. The club was worth $92 million in 2003 and $800 million last year. It sold for $950 million

– Notice to interested parties.

– To be continued.

– Pretty crazy.

– Great idea.

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