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Zach Benson wants to model his game on Jonathan Marchessault’s
Every year, as we get closer and closer to the National Hockey League draft, it becomes interesting to learn more about the various top prospects who will be the first names named.

One of the things that’s always interesting and intriguing is which current NHL players the prospects compare themselves to.

Some say they base their game on one or more players, while others say they’re really like an NHL star.

In the case of prospect Zach Benson, who will almost certainly go out in the top-10 of the draft on June 28, well, he’s inspired by three NHL players.

The most unusual and surprising of the three names is Jonathan Marchessault.

The other two players are Brayden Point and Mitch Marner.

Although Marchessault has established himself as one of the NHL’s top players, it’s not often that his name stands out among the players from whom prospects draw inspiration.

In Benson’s case, he explains that he wants to model his game on Marchessault’s, given that he’s a hard-working player who finds a way to perform despite his small stature.

Benson, who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall (like Marchessault) and weighs 163 pounds, is one of those smaller players who scare some teams when it comes to making their selections.

However, Marchessault is currently dominating the playoffs, leading the way with 13 goals.

“There’s also Jonathan Marchessault. If I’m not mistaken, Marchessault has led the NHL in goals since the start of the playoffs. I think he’s just 5’9″ and he’s dominating in the finals. I’m sure the Golden Knights are happy to have him.” – Zach Benson

Benson was inspired by Marchessault’s career, which was always underestimated.

He was never drafted in the NHL, but now he’s one win away from winning the Stanley Cup and perhaps even the Conn Smythe Trophy for playoff MVP.

Although Benson will be drafted in the top-10, he is inspired by Marchessault.

The OHL prospect also had a few words to say about Montreal.

“Montreal would be a cool city. I grew up in Canada. We always talk about the two big field hockey cities, Montreal and Toronto. The Habs are a dream for a lot of young players.” – Zach Benson

Let’s see if the CH might be tempted to draft Benson at No. 5. It wouldn’t be a bad decision.

To find out more, read Jean-François Chaumont’s excellent article here.

En Rafale

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