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Rumor mill: Connor Hellebuyck will not re-sign with the Jets

The Stanley Cup Finals are drawing to a close, which means we’re about to enter the National Hockey League’s off-season.

It’s called the off-season, but it’s actually a season of team reshuffling.

Usually, at the beginning of the off-season, with the draft and free agents, there’s a lot of action in the field hockey world, and this year should be no exception.

Transactions have already been completed, as we saw with Ivan Provorov and Damon Severson earlier this week.

So, when it comes to the off-season and NHL action, rumours are the order of the day.

And aside from the rumours surrounding Pierre-Luc Dubois, there are some very interesting ones.

One of them is that Connor Hellebuyck and the Winnipeg Jets are officially over.

One of Pierre LeBrun’s recent articles states that Connor Hellebuyck’s next contract will be with a new team.

Hellebuyck wants to leave Winnipeg because he wants to win, and he wants nothing to do with a rebuild.

“There should be no confusion about Hellebuyck’s interest in signing an extension in Winnipeg. That ship has sailed. His next contract will be with a new team.” – Pierre LeBrun

This means that the 30-year-old goaltender’s days are numbered in Winnipeg, and he’s likely to be traded if he’s to sign with another team anyway in a year’s time when he becomes a free agent.

Hellebuyck has one year left on his contract, worth $6,166,666 per year.

There will clearly be plenty of teams interested in the services of Hellebuyck, who is still one of the NHL’s best goaltenders.

But the price is likely to be very high.

As for other rumors, Elliotte Friedman had a few last night during intermission of Game 4 between the Golden Knights and Panthers.

Among other things, he says Philadelphia Flyers forward Scott Laughton is a name to watch, and Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin could also generate interest.

In the case of 29-year-old Laughton, the Flyers would love to keep him around to be an important veteran for the youngsters in the future, but if the right offer comes along, Daniel Brière could flinch at parting with Laughton.

Finally, Friedman stated that the current rumour is that the 2024 draft will take place in Vegas.

The NHL would really like that, Vegas would really like that, and so it’s likely to be THE destination for the next draft.

Clearly, it would be quite a show.

In short, all these issues remain to be followed.


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