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Scott Gomez declares himself the Senators’ new owner
The sale of the Ottawa Senators has become a real circus.

It’s been dragging on for months, waiting to see who will be the team’s new owner.

Every week, we hear that the sale should be completed, but every time, something goes wrong and nothing gets done.

This circus and nonsense is also frustrating the various competitors for the purchase, even though the buyer with the highest bid withdrew from the race this week.

So this whole thing about selling the team is just a lot of bullshit, and it’s really hurting the organization.

It could even cost the Senators Alex DeBrincat, who as of today seems closer to leaving the Senators than to getting along with them.

In short, this selling process is so long and so ridiculous, that everyone is starting to add their two cents, and that’s exactly what former Montreal Canadien Scott Gomez did.

He announced via video that he was buying the Ottawa Senators, making him the team’s new owner.

Obviously, it’s just a hoax, but it’s a funny one.

Gomez explains in the video that he has no idea what he’s saying, but that his friend Matt Bosty asked him to make a video of himself saying he’s buying the Senators.

He then adds that he clearly doesn’t have the bank account to make such a purchase.

Makes sense.

In the end, it was more a video to wish his friend a happy birthday.

Gomez adds towards the end of the video that he was only in Ottawa for a few weeks at the end of his career, and that it was a beautiful city.

The CH alumnus played 13 games with the Sens, collecting one point in the 2015-2016 season.

It was his last 13 career NHL games.

In a gust

– Wow.

– Too bad.

– Stephenson won the Stanley Cup against the Knights in 2018.

– A nice turnaround for Mark Stone.

– Things are going well for Bobby Miller.

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