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The Canadiens are considering buying out Brendan Gallagher in 2024
Before Marc Bergevin left, Brendan Gallagher signed a six-year contract valued at $39 million. This means he will earn $6.5 million per season from 2021 to 2027.

That leaves four years left on his contract. In real money, he will earn $8M, $9M, $6.5M and $4M over the next few seasons, with a cap of $6.5M in each season.

Excluding Carey Price, this is probably the Habs’ worst contract. And since Price can be parked on the LTIR, it’s a lesser evil.

Obviously, a lot of people want to see the crazy forward bought out not to get him to leave, but because of his contract. That said, buying him out this summer would have too many implications for the future.

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After all, if he were bought out now, he’d be on the Montreal Canadiens’ payroll until 2031. Not to the same extent as now, but still.

To put things in perspective, 2031 is the year Cole Caufield’s contract expires.

In fact, in my eyes, I don’t see the Habs buying a player this year. Why not? Because even if they want to improve, they’re not aiming for the Cup right now.

Why mortgage the future?

That said, the Habs’ GM hasn’t said, as he did a year ago, that the club isn’t going to buy a player just yet. It is therefore possible to believe that a buyout could take place.

And on this subject, Yvon Pednault (Journal de Montréal) has something to say:

Contract buyout? A serious candidate: Mike Hoffman. Another, but his salary isn’t a concern at the moment: Joel Armia. – Yvon Pedneault

The journalist spoke about Brendan Gallagher’s contract. And he brought some interesting information to the table.

According to one observer, the Canadiens will consider buying out Gally’s contract next year.

Obviously, an evaluation will be made next year, but the club will be able to decide whether the risk is worth it, and whether the need for more money on the books is worth the dead money that will follow the club until 2030.

Here’s the structure of a buyout in 2024 in his case.

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

In a year’s time, we’ll also know a little more about the impact of the salary cap increase. If the forecasts are right, perhaps buying out Gally’s contract will make more sense. Remember that this year, the increase will only be one million dollars.

I can’t wait to see what the club has in mind with Gallagher, a player who is no longer advancing, but who has nonetheless given his body for the Montreal Canadiens over the past decade.

Will he find work elsewhere?

It’s also worth noting that if Gally is too physically mortgaged, placing him on the long-term injured list is a possibility. On the other hand, having Price and Gallagher at the same time would give management gray hairs by the time they say it.

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