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Bet-o-game: Will Smith is now the favorite for the Canadian at #5
When Mise-o-jeu first released its odds for the 2023 draft on May 30, Matvei Michkov was considered the most likely prospect to be selected by the Montreal Canadiens by the Quebec-based sports betting site.

Michkov was given odds of 4.00, while Will Smith followed at 4.50.

With reports surfacing that the Habs may find the risk of selecting a Russian player too great, the tide has turned on Mise-o-jeu.

Will Smith is now the favorite, with even better odds than Michkov had a month ago. The American sits at the top with odds of 3 times the stake – the Russian’s odds are unchanged at 4.00.

The rest of the order remains unchanged, with David Reinbacher, Ryan Leonard and Dalibor Dvorsky all following at odds better than those they were entitled to in the first outing. Leonard (from 6.50 to 5.00) made the biggest leap, in addition to Smith, of course.

Of course, all this is also very representative of the volume of bets made by Quebecers, who would seem to expect Will Smith to be selected fifth by the Tricolore.

In other words, fans are expecting Michkov to be selected ahead of the Habs, or to be ignored by the club. At this point, it’s impossible to separate opinions…

Or not.

Under the heading “draft”, there’s also a “Who will be drafted first between Michkov and Smith” bet, and Smith (1.30) is well ahead of Michkov (2.70).

Unsurprisingly, no “Who will be drafted first?” bets…

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