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Christian Dvorak: If the CH wants to trade him, they’d better do it soon
Credit: He has the onerous task of replacing - along with Cédric Paquette - Kotkaniemi AND Danault.
On the ice, Christian Dvorak is not a flashy player.

He does things the right way, without making too much noise. That said, is he really indispensable to the Habs’ line-up, especially in light of the club’s current reconstruction?

In the best of worlds, Dv-o is a good third-line player on a Stanley Cup contender. He’s had a slightly more important role at times with the Habs, mainly because of the lack of depth at the center position and also because of all the players who have been injured in the last two years.

Since he doesn’t necessarily have an impact on the team’s success in Montreal, the idea of trading him has been raised in the past. It was discussed briefly at the NHL trade deadline…

And the discussion has been revived in recent weeks.

But the possibility of him being traded by Kent Hughes could get a little more complicated. But why?

Because on July 1, just over three weeks from now, a no-trade clause will activate for the final two years of his contract, which pays him 4.45 M4 annually.

He will have to submit a list of eight teams to which he does not wish to be traded, which could put a spanner in the works for his general manager.

Once again, we have to ask ourselves whether the Habs really need him for the next few years.

The fact is, Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach are expected to play center next year, barring a major surprise, and yes, Dvorak would still have a place on one of the CH’s top three.

But that’s without mentioning Jake Evans, and it’s without mentioning the young players growing within the organization.

Christian Dvorak, since arriving in town, boasts 61 points in 120 games. That’s far from dreadful, and yes, it’s good production for a guy who, let’s not forget, is a third center in the best of worlds.

That said, I think he’d be much more useful elsewhere than in Montreal. He may not have a huge value on the trade market, but it’s certain that Kent Hughes will be able to get something interesting in return for his services…

And that’s where it gets intriguing. Especially, once again, when the Habs are “still” in the rebuilding phase.

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