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As expected, the rumor that Jeff Gorton was being sent elsewhere was false.

I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago, a rumor started circulating. Nick Kypreos said he’d heard whispers that the CH VP was bored away from the GM’s chair.

He quickly denied it, saying he had no intention of leaving.

Obviously, no one credible believed it. Everyone was well aware that it was really cat food and that the club’s VP wasn’t going to jump ship.

He chose a position other than DG with full knowledge of the facts.

Obviously, his mandate is different from the one he had when he was GM of the Rangers. He’s no longer as involved in day-to-day operations, but he still helps with the big picture.

And he’s a good resource for Kent Hughes, who has never been GM before.

All this to say that it’s interesting to note that with all the clubs having a GM now, Gorton’s name hasn’t come up once. Again, this was expected, we agree.

The only position potentially open is in Pittsburgh, where President Kyle Dubas could hire someone in the next few months. But if that’s the case, Gorton won’t be working for Dubas.

(Credit: Wikipedia)

Still, it’s interesting to note that no fewer than nine teams changed GMs after the Habs. There are the eight shown in the table above and the Nashville Preds, who hired Barry Trotz.

Trotz will officially take over as GM on July 1.

It’s clear that the Canadiens’ GM, Kent Hughes, is becoming part of the furniture. Along with Jeff Gorton, who was appointed at the end of November 2021, he’s doing a great job. #ColeCaufield

And the more time passes, the more seniority he gets. Honestly, it’s crazy to see that nine GMs (let me include Trotz, who has already changed coaches) have less seniority than him in their current positions.

In brief

– New shareholders for the Armada.

– Hum…

– Attention all interested parties.

– Signing in Calgary.

– It’s not always easy.

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