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Bon Cop Bad Cop: Gary Bettman didn’t like being thrown into the trunk of a car

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Bon Cop Bad Cop, but the answer is probably yes. Unless you’re younger than I am… but if you are, I recommend it.

In the 2006 film, NHL commissioner Harry Buttman is portrayed as a villain. And far be it from me to be a whistle-blower, but let’s just say that the NHL commissioner doesn’t look like the brightest man on earth.

And even though the film dates back to the year of Patrick Roy’s first Memorial Cup at the helm of the Remparts, Gary Bettman hasn’t forgotten.

Yesterday, on Sportsnet, the NHL commissioner was asked about the BlackBerry movie, launched last month. It’s a fictional movie with a Gary Bettman character.

In the Canadian film, Mark Critch plays Bettman.

Critch said it didn’t turn out the way it was presented, but he added that it was still a better treatment than Bon Cop Bad Cop, “a film in which I was thrown into the suitcase of a car”.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Gary Bettman doesn’t like a Canadian character. The NHL commissioner has always had his eye on American markets.

By the time the film was released in 2006, Bettman had removed two Canadian teams: the Nordiques (Colorado) and the Jets (Arizona) had lowered the count to six teams north of the border.

Since then, he has reluctantly brought the Jets back to Winnipeg. This was at a time when the Atlanta Thrashers were in urgent need of a new home.

So it’s fair game?

In a gust

– Wow.

– Yup.

– We can hear each other.

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