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RDS announces the departure of Mario Tremblay

The Réseau des sports (RDS) has just announced some huge news by tweeting the departure of Mario Tremblay.

The former Canadiens player is retiring.

Obviously, Mario Tremblay left no one indifferent. He had (and still has) the gift of making people react with his intensity and his way of doing things…

And that’s why he’s regarded as one of Quebec’s field hockey greats. For his career as a player, coach and panelist on the Réseau des sports.

The announcement of his departure was a little unexpected, but hey. Tonight, at L’Antichambre, a tribute will be paid to him, accompanied by Guy Carbonneau, Vincent Damphousse, Benoit Brunet, Gaston Therrien and Luc Bellemarre.

We’ve often seen Mario Tremblay on the Antichambre set alongside the names I’ve just mentioned, and it’s fitting that his friends will be there for his last career show. It’s sure to be an emotional one, thanks…

And it’s sure to make for some wickedly good television.

In the end, he’ll be remembered for a long time to come, and even if he retires from RDS, it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for him. Because, passionate as he is…

I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from him once in a while on the radio or something.

We have to greet his departure in the right way. Having said that, I’d like to congratulate him personally on his fine, long career…

And I’m going to miss seeing him debate any subject with the love he had for the game. It’ll leave a hole, that’s for sure.


Let’s not forget that Mario Tremblay had been working at RDS since 2010. It will certainly be strange not to see him on air anymore.

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