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Greg Cronin is the Ducks’ new head coach

The Ducks were always among the teams looking for a new head coach, but that’s now a thing of the past.

Greg Cronin, who has played in the NCAA, the American League and the NHL, is their new point man. This is his first NHL head coaching job.

The name isn’t very familiar because, in fact, Cronin has been working in the shadows for the past few years. He was an assistant coach with the Islanders and Leafs…

And for the past five years, he has been head coach of the Colorado Eagles in the American Hockey League.

It’s an unusual choice, admittedly… But Cronin has proven himself. His club may not have won the Calder Cup since he arrived in Colorado, but the Eagles have always been successful under his watch.

His record behind the bench of the Avalanche’s club-school has been excellent for five years :

(Credit: HockeyDB)
His next step will be to adapt to the position of head coach in the NHL. In Anaheim, he will have the opportunity to work with a relatively young group, and it will be up to him to find a way to make them shine on the ice.

Because the Ducks have talent. It’s just a question of finding a way to get all that talent onto the ice in one way or another, and that may well be his biggest task from the outset.

In recent months and years, we’ve often talked about an attitude and culture problem over there at times. In fact, we’ve been saying that ever since Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf left the picture…

And that, too, will be an important aspect for Cronin and his coaching group to develop.

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– What does this mean for Patrick Roy?

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– It goes without saying.

– To be continued.

– Knives fly low!

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