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Valeri Nichushkin: we understand that his playoff party made no sense at all

Valeri Nichushkin has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. After all, the Avalanche player, who didn’t finish the playoffs due to a nebulous history, is at the heart of a story that’s hard to understand.

After all, we’ve figured out the bit where there’s an intoxicated woman who was in his hotel room at the time of the incident.

But when it comes to understanding what happened, who was involved, what the sequence of events was, or how it all ended, there’s a major blur.

But now an article in the Seattle Times gives us a little more detail on what happened.

From the outset, it’s clear that the day was a busy one. The Avalanche player missed his team’s morning skate and by mid-afternoon was intoxicated.

Why did he have such a big party in the middle of the day? In the middle of an important series? Hmm…

What’s really intriguing is the story from the girl’s point of view. She didn’t comment, but as we try to retrace the course of the event, we wonder how she was treated and how she reacted.

Above all, we wonder who she is.

After all, she’s hard to identify, and it’s hard to know what she’s doing in North America. She’s a university student (but had trouble naming her to the cops) and she claimed her passport was stolen.

Details were shared in the following video, while Seattle police had a body cam.

When the Ukrainian-born woman in question, who was traveling from Russia, was found by team members and 911 was called (90 minutes later), she wasn’t easily carted off on a stretcher.

She was sometimes combative.


So even though details have been revealed, there are still large chunks of the story missing. What happened to that woman that day? Where is she today? Is the Colorado player getting the help he needs?

The mystery remains.

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