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Lifetime lap dances for the Golden Knights if they win the Stanley Cup

In the category of stories that make you laugh, the one about the offer from Larry Flynt’s Hustler club in Las Vegas is pretty funny.

With the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Final for the second time in their history, the strip club has promised team members a premium lifetime pass to the club in the event of a Stanley Cup Final victory over the Panthers.

This pass would be in addition to free lap dances for life as well. This offer has been published by the club with a view to providing extra motivation for players.

In other words, it’s good publicity for the establishment, which is located just minutes from the Golden Knights’ home, T-Mobile Arena.

Brittany Rose, the club’s general manager, says the Golden Knights’ success has boosted morale. It’s their way of contributing and giving the team another source of motivation.

Personally, I doubt any of the players or staff would be tempted by a victory, but you never know.

Meanwhile, the city of Las Vegas is buzzing with field hockey as the first game of the final series gets underway. Many fans attended the team’s first on-ice practice of the week. It was almost full, and many had to wait in line to see their favorites practice.

Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the publication showing a line-up of fans. I wasn’t expecting this level of enthusiasm, as it’s not the most passionate market in the NHL.

The first game of the series is Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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