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Owen Beck is not ready for the NHL, believes Stéphane Leroux
Last night, the Petes came from three goals down to defeat the crowd-favorite Blazers and advance to the Memorial Cup semifinals.

In overtime, CH hopeful Owen Beck made a fine save to help his team win the game.

Even so, Beck is having a rather disappointing series. In 26 games, he still has 18 points, but only two so far at the Memorial Cup.

The Habs aren’t dominating, and Stéphane Leroux has noticed. The RDS journalist even believes that the center isn’t ready for the NHL. He says he needs to continue his development in junior next year.

Even so, the 19-year-old center has several qualities. He has a good defensive game, excels at face-offs and can also produce. But with the big club and the Rocket, there just doesn’t seem to be room for him… next year, at least. That’s one of the reasons why it would be better for him to continue his development with the Peterborough Petes.

At the moment, he’s certainly not thinking about next season. He and his team must prepare for the Memorial Cup semi-final against the Seattle Thunderbirds, a big field hockey machine. And if they get past the American team, they’ll have to face Patrick Roy’s team, no less, who will have had four days off.

Peterborough can, however, take comfort in the fact that they are one of the few teams to have beaten the Remparts in recent months. Since March 7, only the Petes and Mooseheads have won against Québec.

The semi-final match-up takes place tonight at 10pm. For night owls (not convenience stores), this will definitely be a game to listen to. Let’s hope Owen Beck can propel his team to victory again. To do so, he’ll face another CH prospect, Jared Davidson.

So, Montreal will be represented in the Memorial Cup final.

In bursts

– In these waters, yes.

– He’s got a great mentality, that one.

– The Penguins’ end of the season hurt him.

– Patrick Roy is a winner in every situation.

– Marc-André Fleury: a legend.

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