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Blackhawks prevent fans from buying Connor Bedard jerseys

In 26 days, the NHL Draft will take place, and we’ll get our first look at Connor Bedard in a Chicago Blackhawks uniform. We’ll also find out whether the Canadiens will draft Will Smith, Leo Carlsson, Zach Benson, Matvei Michkov or David Reinbacher.

Until then, we can only speculate.

We already know that Bedard will be a member of the Hawks, but even so, the team prevents its fans from buying jerseys with the number 98 behind the back and the name “Bedard”. Why not? Because technically, the young sensation isn’t a member of the team yet.

On the other hand, if you can prove that your surname is Bedard and that your preferred number is 98 (how can you prove that?), you may be able to order one before June 28. Ridiculous refusal, if you ask me…

In my opinion, fans have the right to buy a jersey from anyone, with anyone’s name on it, and with any number…

Some fans managed to order the jersey, but others saw their order cancelled on Fanatics or the Blackhawks’ official website.

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I have a hypothetical example in mind. If my name was Raphael Bedard and I wanted to order a jersey with my last name and a number of my choice, in this case 98, who would I mention it to? On the Fanatics site, there’s no such option. Anyway, on June 28, I imagine the jersey will be available to people. Because yes, the Hawks are going to draft Connor Bedard, and no, they’re not stopping their fans from buying a jersey because they’re undecided between two players.

Team GM Kyle Davidson and his colleagues are interested in Ryan Leonard. With their first pick, they’ll draft Bedard, but with their second first-round pick (19th overall), they probably won’t have a chance to select him, unless Davidson goes up in the draft, which would surprise me a bit.

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– The NHL is far less profitable than other major sports. [JDM]

– That’s right.

– Quite an athlete.

– I’m far from against the idea.

– Too bad.

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