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The Canadiens wouldn’t give Cole Caufield more money than Nick Suzuki

I’m not worried about Cole Caufield, and in any case, it’s too early to worry. But it does raise questions. Is it normal that the two sides haven’t reached an agreement yet? Perhaps. Bruno Gervais, on TSN, mentioned a few days ago that it was normal.

But what’s slowing down discussions? Is it the team that’s too cheap , or the player who’s too greedy? Or a bit of both?

Is the American’s long-term future in Montreal? We don’t know.

According to what Tony Marinaro has heard, Montreal isn’t interested in giving more money to its maverick than to its captain. And understandably so… After all, Nick Suzuki is the face of the team, the team leader and the top scorer. I can’t see Kent Hughes giving Caufield eight million or more annually.

We want to respect a certain hierarchy in the team and make sure that the captain, who is also the best player, is the highest paid. – Cole Caufield

If Caufield receives a contract with a higher annual salary than his teammate, it would set a bad example. Why should a guy who collects fewer points per season (but scores more goals) be paid more than the captain and best player? It wouldn’t send the right message, in my opinion, and that’s one of the reasons why negotiations are taking longer; Kent Hughes doesn’t want to split his room.

And he seems to absolutely want his top earner to be Suzuki, and rightly so.

Technically, Carey Price is the highest paid, but for the sake of the exercise, we’ll leave him out of the equation for obvious reasons.

A three-to-four-year contract is a possibility for the little winger, and if that’s the case, Jean-Charles Lajoie believes he’ll be gone when his contract expires.

Assuming we’re heading towards a four-year contract, that means Montreal has three years to win, because in 2027, Caufield will have left via the autonomous player market. – Jean-Charles Lajoie

In short, Caufield’s contractual situation continues to be the talk of the town. Fortunately, a hostile offer doesn’t seem to be in the plans of another team…

In Brief

– Really?

– Well done.

– The Quebecer is off to a pretty interesting start to his MLB career.

– Adam Silver has a knack for getting things right.

– It’s hard for them.

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