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Robin Lehner again accused of fraud
Almost two months ago, Robin Lehner was accused of fraud by Aliya Growth Fund and American Express.

The Aliya group deplored the fact that the Lehners had made several important declarations that turned out to be false and fraudulent, notably by failing to declare several other debts in their loan application for nearly $4.8 million.

Robin Lehner and his wife are bankrupt, notably because of his exotic snake farm.

Lo and behold, another fraud claim has been filed against Lehner.

Indeed, the Knights goaltender, who hasn’t played a single game this season, allegedly borrowed $3.5 million from a businessman named Michael Borden. This money was used to invest in SolarCode, a renewable energy company.

Lehner then borrowed half a million dollars from Borden, an amount he never repaid. However, the goalie allegedly promised him a refund when his $6.5 million salary in 2022-2023 kicked in. The 31-year-old Swede also allegedly forgot to mention that he had a debt of around $16 million US. Borden confessed that had he known this information, he would never have lent him so much money.

Like Aliya, the businessman is seeking a court order to ensure that the athlete’s debt is not erased by the court.

In the course of their legal proceedings, the Lehners have received several complaints from their creditors. Last December, the couple filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. It’s odd that an athlete who has made over $20 million in his professional career should be in this position. Unfortunately, the case seems far from over. In addition to his injury keeping him out of the game, life in general can’t be easy for the goalie.

While he spends his days talking to his lawyer, maybe even his lawyers, his NHL team is in the Stanley Cup Final. So, without him and with average goalies, the Knights are able to compete with anyone in the league. The goalie’s contract expires at the end of the 2024-2025 season. I sincerely wonder if it will be extended…

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