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Predators: Barry Trotz wants his scouts to aim for the home run
The art of finding a rare gem in the draft is difficult to master. The new general manager of the Nashville Predators, Barry Trotz, has asked his scouts to try to find rare gems and stop finding support players.

This is what he explained to the media.

“Take chances, take big chances with some guys. I can get you 3rd and 4th trio guys no problem. Go get me some guys who will get the fans out of their seats.” – Barry Trotz

It would be nice for the Predators to be able to draft this way. In fact, Nashville has never really had success in the last few rounds of the draft since the team’s inception.

The Predators’ last “home run” in the final rounds of a draft was Martin Erat, selected in the seventh round in 1999. A long way from a home run.

Nevertheless, the team does draft well in the first two rounds. They have selected Shea Weber (2nd round), Ryan Suter (1st round), Alexander Radulov (1st round), Roman Josi (2nd round), Kevin Fiala (1st round) and Samuel Girard (2nd round), all of whom have been successful.

The problem is that these picks are expensive and not as accessible as the latest draft picks. Taking a chance on an unknown guy may still allow you to draft good players in the early rounds, but it may also give you a chance to fill out your team if your 5th, 6th or 7th round pick blows up.

It’s a risky strategy to select players who could be home runs, but it’s a strategy that can pay off solidly.

This is Barry Trotz’s first time as general manager of an NHL team, but he was once a scout for the Washington Capitals. He knows the game. But I think he’ll do a great job for the Predators, especially at the draft.

Perhaps Kent Hughes will adopt this way of thinking at the next draft. If the Canadiens are betting on home runs, selecting Matvei Michkov could be the answer. It’s a risk, but a risk that could pay off.

In bursts

– We hope they develop well.

– What a job by the CH hopeful.

– there should be some excellent players on the market this year.

– The Petes and Blazers will face off to determine who will be the second team in the semi-finals.

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