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Mise-o-jeu unveils odds on players the CH could draft

The wait until June 28 is endless. We can’t wait to find out which player the Canadiens will select with the fifth overall pick. The player selected could literally change the face of the franchise.

While we wait to find out who will be selected, online betting site Mise-o-jeu has unveiled the odds for each of the players who could be drafted by the Canadiens in the fifth round.

They are as follows

Among the picks, five players have similar odds, Matvei Michkov, Will Smith, David Reinbacher, Ryan Leonard and Dalibor Dvorsky.

It’s quite surprising to see Michkov at the top of this ranking, especially considering all the controversy that has surrounded him over the past few months. Nonetheless, he would be a very interesting project for the CH, if his talent alone is anything to go by.

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Leo Carlsson has an incredibly high 25.00 rating. Let’s face it, the Canadiens will certainly draft him if he’s still available in the fifth round, but that would be very surprising.

My colleague, Marc-Olivier Cook, made me realize that Zach Benson has very high odds. Yet he could very well be in the CH’s sights at No. 5 if all the big names leave during the first four picks and Matvei Michkov doesn’t interest Kent Hughes.

Benson plays for the Winnipeg Ice in the WHL and has had a stellar season, amassing 98 points in 60 games. His playoffs were also exceptional, with 17 points in 15 games.

Other players with a rating are Oliver Moore (50.00), Andrew Cristall (75.00) and Eduard Sale (75.00).

Note that it is possible to bet on the Canadiens not drafting a player from this list. These odds are 20.00. Who knows? Maybe the CH will move up or down in the draft via a trade and select a player not on this list.

The choice is much more difficult than last year, when only three names were rumored for the Habs’ first pick: Juraj Slafkovsky, Shane Wright and Logan Cooley.

So, who will be the Habs’ next draft pick?

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– That’s one proud dad.

– “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

– What a comeback by CF Montréa!

– they must be very proud.

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