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Bruce Cassidy apologizes to the Coyotes
Vegas Golden Knights head coach Bruce Cassidy took a swipe at the Arizona Coyotes after Game 5 of the Western Association Finals. He redeemed himself by apologizing for his remarks on Wednesday.

The Golden Knights had had a bad game, and Cassidy explained that by playing that way, any team could have beaten them.

“We committed 24 turnovers. I don’t think we would have beaten the Coyotes in January by committing 24 turnovers.” – Bruce Cassidy

The Coyotes really weren’t that good in January, but it’s not great to throw an arrow like that at another NHL team. It won’t help the relationship between the two teams for potential negotiations.

Fortunately, Cassidy apologized in a press conference on Wednesday.

“It was a disrespectful comment. It was stupid to include a club that didn’t ask for anything.” – Bruce Cassidy

Nice of him to apologize, but I bet the Coyotes will want to return the insult. I hope for the Knights’ sake that they don’t lose to the Coyotes next year, because the Arizona team’s social media team will gladly pick up the Vegas pilot.

If social networkers can fool their fans, they’ll certainly do it with Bruce Cassidy.

The Coyotes have lost nine games in a row since December 31. Cassidy’s point is understandable. However, I’d like to remind the Knights’ coach that his team lost 4-1 to these same Coyotes on January 22. It seemed wrong to insult them back then!

I can’t wait to see if André Tourigny will say the same thing in a few years when the Golden Knights are rebuilding. It would be a nice revenge.

In gusto

– I don’t like the idea of the Final logo on the right.

– Not elegant, but it works.

– A seventh title for the Spanish outfit.

– A solid slap in the face from the Quebecer.

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