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The Athletic poll: CH commentators 13th in the NHL
At the end of an NHL season, there are always some interesting polls that come out from various sources. The Athletic surveyed 8,000 fans across the various NHL markets to find out what they thought of the game commentators. They were asked to rate the quality of their work from 1 to 5.

The results were compiled globally, nationally and locally (in the market in question).

The results are quite interesting, as the CH commentary teams were ranked 13th in the entire NHL. The word “them” is used here because the ranking corresponds to the combination of the RDS, TVA Sports and TSN teams.

For those who don’t follow games on TSN, commentators rotate on the English-language network, which doesn’t please the fans surveyed.

The Athletic also reports that TVA was heavily criticized. On the other hand, RDS is really appreciated, thanks in particular to the work of Pierre Houde.

Last year, the overall ranking of the combined commentary teams was the same.

Surprisingly, based on local ratings, the CH came 20th out of 32.

Meanwhile, the controversial Boston Bruins commentary team is ranked 30th. The colorful Jack Edwards, criticized in particular for his comments on Pat Maroon at the start of the season, hasn’t received much love, except from some Boston Bruins fans who like his energy.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Seattle Kraken are in last and first place respectively. There’s a transition period in Chicago, and on the Kraken side, fans have fallen in love with John Forslund on description, Eddie Olczyk on analysis and J.T. Brown between the two benches.

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