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Operation: Patrick Kane is set to miss the start of next season

We were just waiting for Patrick Kane’s decision.

It’s worth remembering that the American striker may have been thinking of going under the knife for an injury he’s been battling for some time, but now he’s decided to have the operation.

The result?

Kane is likely to miss the start of next season, if his rehabilitation period is anything to go by.

We’re talking about 4 to 6 months of rehab, which is no mean feat. Will this curb the interest of teams interested in him this summer?

I really wonder what the other GMs will think of all this. Will they be afraid of not having a healthy Patrick Kane back, even once he’s recovered from his injury?

It does beg the question. After all, we’re talking about a player who’ll be turning 35 this November… although he’s never really been injured in his entire career.

I have the impression that it’s his monetary value that could drop. Kane won’t be earning $10.5 million a year like he has for the last eight seasons, that’s for sure…

And I can’t imagine that any GM would want to give him a big salary despite the uncertainties surrounding his health.

Patrick Kane’s primary wish is to play in the NHL for a long time to come, and that’s exactly why he decided to undergo the surgery in question. The doctors are confident that his wish will come true, but you know as well as I do that anything can happen in life.

That’s one of the main reasons why this case could take a slightly different turn in the coming months.

Basically, Kane would definitely have been the best player available this summer on the free-agent market… and you have to wonder whether the operation he underwent is a game-changer.

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