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Dubas / Treliving: The two bosses unveil their plan for the coming weeks

It’s a big day today for Brad Treliving and Kyle Dubas. Why are they here?

Because the two men, hired by Toronto and Pittsburgh respectively, were mandated to introduce themselves to the media from their new teams. Let’s find out what interesting things happened at the two press conferences…

Let’s start with Dubas.

The former Leaf, as is his wont, was frank with Penguins reporters. He admitted right off the bat that it was an honor to be able to rub shoulders with the members of his new organization, and he seemed genuinely sincere in his words.

He may have been considered for the GM position that has been vacant since Ron Hextall’s dismissal, but he was finally hired as President of Hockey Operations. He’ll be acting GM for the next few weeks…

But Dubas was keen to point out that he will begin his search for the man he trusts. The important thing is to find someone who will be a great fit for the organization, as he explained to the media on hand.

There’s no need to hide. In Pittsburgh, there’s a lot of work to be done with the team on the ice because the core is starting to age rather quickly.

Malkin, Crosby and Letang are still excellent, we agree. But it would be foolish to believe that they have and will continue to have the same impact on the team for many years to come, and that’s where it gets interesting, because in reality, the Penguins don’t necessarily have a great bank of prospects.

That said…

Dubas has no intention of trading any of these veterans. He plans to build a club around the star players I’ve mentioned, and the team’s new employee also reiterated his confidence in Mike Sullivan.

The chances of Sullivan becoming the Rangers’ new coach have just taken a hit.

There are going to be changes in Pittsburgh, and it all started with the hiring of Kyle Dubas. It will be interesting to see what’s in store for the organization in the coming weeks.

Brad Treliving has a specific plan in mind

Just as in the Steel City, we can expect a lot of action in Toronto before long.

And Brad Treliving is well aware of this.

The Leafs’ new GM has made it clear what he’s looking to do in the coming weeks. His number-one priority is to sign Auston Matthews for the long term.

The American forward will soon be entering the final year of his contract.

But keeping Matthews in Toronto doesn’t necessarily mean that the organization’s other three star forwards will still be there at the start of next season.

Treliving opened up on the subject because it’s a popular one in the Queen City…

And I love the answer he gave reporters when asked if he’d break up the Core Four.

It can’t just be about the Core Four. It has to be about the Toronto Maple Leafs. – Brad Treliving

We know that Treliving isn’t afraid of making big trades, having traded Matthew Tkachuk to Florida as recently as last summer.

Treliving hasn’t openly said he’s desperate to trade one of his four star players, but it’s clear from his comments that he won’t hesitate to listen to offers.

Because, even if he hasn’t said so concretely, he sure sounds like a guy who wants to make a splash on the trade market. And, if he plays his cards right…

Things could start to get pretty interesting thanks.

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