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Alexander Radulov: Patrick Roy deserves a chance to work in the NHL

Patrick Roy’s name has been floating around the NHL lately. There are still head coaching vacancies all over the league, and right now, we’re all wondering whether he’ll make a comeback behind the bench of a big-league team.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Blue Jackets lately. Pierre LeBrun tweeted this morning that the Ohio organization is continuing its search for its new coach, a process that seems to be a bit complicated over there.

The man nicknamed “Casseau” has proven his worth and deserves a chance to shine again in the NHL. These comments come from the mouth of Alexander Radulov, the Russian having given a generous interview in an exclusive with Le Soleil :

If a Memorial Cup is what he needs to return to the NHL, then the Remparts need to win even more on Sunday. He deserves another chance to work in the NHL. – Alexander Radulov

Radu is right. After all, under Patrick Roy, the Remparts have completely dominated the QMJHL over the past year, and they’re talked about as the best team in the country right now.

The fact that the Quebec City outfit performed so well at the Memorial Cup is just further proof. Yes, we agree that it’s the players who do the work on the ice… But we mustn’t forget that these players are young, that they need coaching, and that’s where Patrick Roy excels.

He’s good with young players. That’s always been the case… And, to a large extent, that’s why some people think the fit in Columbus is perfect .

The idea of seeing him land in New York with the Rangers has also been raised a few times recently, but that scenario has to be ruled out. At least, that’s what I gather from Larry Brooks’ recent piece in the New York Post: the Blue Shirts haven’t even contacted the former CH man to ask him about coaching in the Big Apple.

Clearly, the interest isn’t there.

All this to say that Patrick Roy has what it takes to start managing an NHL club again. But I wonder about the following. Is this his last chance?

In the sense that, if he isn’t able to land a job in the show this summer, will he let go of the project? We know he’s said he wants to take some time for himself (especially golf)…

And maybe one day, he’ll get tired of chasing the NHL all the time. After all, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that he wants to come back and coach in the best field hockey league on earth.

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